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An Equity Release mortgage is a special type of home loan that lets the owner convert a portion of the equity in the home into cash.

It is generally available for people over 60, and is a vibrant market with many lenders, with a variety of different types of deals.

This is why it is so important to take suitable advice, and at Signpost we can guide you through everything you need to know.

There are two types of Equity Release plans, Home Reversion and Lifetime Mortgages. Signpost Mortgages only provides advice on Lifetime Mortgages

Releasing cash from the equity in your home can be an invaluable support to your needs in retirement, but you should be aware that there are often pitfalls and things to look out for, before deciding this is a practical option.

Having an independent view and taking independent advice helps with reassurance that this is the right step for you to take.

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A Retirement Solution?

When considering Equity Release you can only do so when you are close to or beyond retirement age. This means we can directly align the use of an Equity Release product as a part of an overall...

Equity Release and paying for care

A key condition of the typical Equity Release lifetime mortgage is that it will need to be paid off when you die or if you need to go into care. This would suggest that this type of lending is not...

Equity Release and Buy to Let properties

It is worth beginning here with a caveat – you need to tread very carefully around the labels being used in this space of the market. It is possible to take out an Equity Release loan (a lifetime...

Alternatives to Equity Release

If you are considering if Equity Release is a suitable solution for your situation, then you are essentially weighing up whether the equity value of your property should, at least in part, be turned...

Why advice is crucial

In some areas of financial planning, advice is desirable or useful, in others it is essential. With Equity Release it is mandated – as you cannot receive an Equity Release loan without...

How to explore Equity Release options

Think of looking into Equity Release as an exercise in detailed planning. This is not a shopping trip to find the best product or the cheapest deal. Before you do anything, you should consider who or...

Watch our animated video below for an easy and jargon-free overview of Equity Release

To get this just right, you need to work out the fix for your needs and objectives, and this will inevitably require advice. 

This is what we do and how we can help, so please get in touch to access our support and expertise.



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